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Your guide to the exciting world of Asian cuisine

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The AsianCulinaryRecipes.com is dedicated to all Asian food lovers, which features Asian cuisine, Asian dishes, Asian recipes, Asian cooking methods and tips.

Asian countries offer wide variety of appetizing, flavorful, healthy and easy dishes, taking the advantage of the easy available alluring array of herbs, spices and other ingredients. These ingredients are now easily available as there are Asian food stores and Asian wet markets everywhere. Asian culinary is becoming so famous that there are Asian cook books, Asian cooking classes and Asian dining places in the Western countries as well as other part of the world. With more and more people showing great interest in Asian culture and foods, we have a collection of Asian food recipes. It comprises of easy recipes for the beginners, healthy recipes for the health conscious as well as other delicious Asian cooking recipes.

Each Asian country has its own specialty and unique flavor, so browse the recipes according to the countries. Let the exploration begins in your kitchen, enjoy cooking!

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What's new recipes
  1. Apricot with plum puree
  2. Assorted fish sushi
  3. Baked fish & vegetables
  4. Beef & onion with rice
  5. Bell pepper & bean sprout salad
  6. Butter & sake clams
  7. Cabbage & radish salad
  8. California rolls
  9. Caviar & seaweed fried rice
  10. Chawan mushi
  11. Chicken & vegetable soup
  12. Clam rice
  13. Clam soup
  14. Crab croquettes
  15. Crispy fried chicken
  16. Daikon salad in kiwi fruit sauce
  17. Deep fried baby octopus
  18. Deep fried tofu
  19. Garlic ginger steak
  20. Glazed sweet potatoes